MoU signed by ATIS and Bharat 6G Alliance Collaborate on 6G in india

MoU signed by ATIS and Bharat 6G Alliance Collaborate on 6G in india


MoU signed by ATIS and Bharat 6G Alliance Collaborate on 6G cellular and mobile technology in india. ATIS and Bharat 6G Alliance sign MoU on cooperation in 6G technology in india 

The MoU between the two organizations was signed by Susan Miller, CEO of ATIS  and Chairperson of the Bharat 6G Alliance.


 Alliance for Telecom Industry Solutions (ATIS) Next G Alliance and  Bharat 6G Alliance on Saturday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore collaboration opportunities on 6G wireless technology. 

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The work will involve aligning research and development priorities to support the shared vision for 6G  and create secure, reliable and resilient telecommunications  supply chains.

Launched by  ATIS,  Next G Alliance is an initiative to advance North American leadership in wireless technology  over the next decade through private sector-led efforts, with a focus on Initially 6G. 

The efforts of  working groups in the areas of Applications, Green G, National 6G Roadmap, Economic and Social Needs, Spectrum and Technology have laid the foundation for North America's leadership in this space. 6G area and beyond.  

The Bharat 6G Alliance is an initiative of India's industry, academia, national research institutes and standards bodies. Its objective is in line with the Bharat 6G mission to design, develop and deploy 6G cellular technologies and innovations to provide smart and secure solutions for high-quality living experiences for people in India and all around the world.

On 20/Sep/2023 a news coming from the india related to development of 6G cellular technologies in india.

Neeraj Mittal's Vision: India's Initiatives in 6G Research and Development

According to a senior official on Wednesday, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken many initiatives to speed up 6G research and development in India so that the nation may contribute to the development and production of the technology by 2030.

According to Neeraj Mittal, Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications, 

The Ministry of Telecommunications has taken many steps to integrate and accelerate 6G research and innovation in the country so that we can contribute as early innovators in the development and production of this technology in 2030.

Bharat 6G Alliance and ATIS Forge Partnership for Secure 6G Telecom

 The Bharat 6G Alliance aims to promote the ecosystem of research, design, development, IPR generation, field testing, security, certification and manufacturing of telecom products and solutions, among others.

The MoU between the two organizations was signed by Susan Miller, Chairman and CEO of ATIS and NG Subramaniam, Chairman of the Bharat 6G Alliance.

 Determining what is needed to deliver next-generation wireless leadership is a bold undertaking.  ATIS has signed cooperation agreements with the Korea 5G Forum, the Japan 5G Promotion Association and the European 6G Intelligent Network and Services Industry Association (6G-IA). 

Driving 6G Innovation: ATIS and Bharat 6G Alliance's Historic Agreement

We see the agreement with the Bharat 6G Alliance as an important link in advancing both organizations' goals in developing a global 6G mobile wireless ecosystem, Miller said.

 Subramaniam said both countries support the ambitious vision for 6G networks, including  cooperation on standards, and look forward to collaborating to promote research and development of 6G mobile and cellular technologies, adding that the two countries share a vision of creating secure and reliable telecommunications, resilient supply chains and enabling global digital inclusion.

 India has a vision to empower the entire society  with a focus on sustainability  and next-generation 6G that will further improve the quality of life on the planet. 

He added that this will include focused, open and collaborative research between countries, dedicating resources to contribute to national, regional and global standards as well as developing products that meet meet these strict standards.

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